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Discover How You Can Maximize Your Godly Influence in the Ways That Matter Most


You made it here…that’s fantastic!!! My name is Kent Eimers, and I founded Man of Impact and created this website to help you maximize your Kingdom Impact at home, at church, at work, and in your world – by more fully discovering God’s unique callings for your life and empowering you to live those callings to the fullest.

Why? Because when men truly dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ and make pursuing God’s desires for their family, church, work and ministry their #1 focus, they discover greater joy, peace and purpose than they have ever experienced before, as God works through them to accomplish things only He can do.


By empowering you with the ideas, information, tools and resources you need to THRIVE in the 5 most important arenas of your life:

Your personal Walk with Christ

Your ministry to your Wife and Family

Your ministry to your Local Church

Your ministry through your Job or Business

Your ministry to the Greater World around you

The Result: You experience the joy of making an eternal difference in the lives of people you care about, while fulfilling the unique purposes you were always made for.

If you have a heart for making a significant and lasting impact in the lives of others that will last for eternity, I’m here to help you make that desire a reality.


I believe God wants to use men just like you to build His Kingdom in a big way, and I invite you to join us for our next Master Class beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 10th. Check out how you can get access to this 6 week workshop for FREE!


Empowering YOU to Maximize Your Impact beginning with your individual walk with Christ and extending to your Marriage & Family, your Church, your Work and wherever else God has placed you.

Equipping men through this Website, my weekly Email Updates, and my Online Community with the information, resources, encouragement and accountability they need to fully live out God’s unique calling on their lives.

Helping my members connect their greatest passions with their most strategic ministry opportunities – so they can know the profound joy of using their passions for God’s greatest glory!


To help at least 1,000 Christian men directly impact an average of 10 lives each over the next year through evangelism, discipleship, and ongoing ministry – resulting in more than Ten Thousand Lives Impacted by the Truth, Hope and Love of Jesus Christ in 2018!


Pastors, Church Ministry Leaders (Through Ministry Partnerships)

Business Owners

Professional Services Providers (Doctors, Counselors, Advisors, Coaches, etc.)

Corporate Executives & Employees

Charitable Organization Directors & Staff Members

Christian Speakers, Authors, Writers & Bloggers

Performance Artists – Dancers, Actors, Singers, Musicians

Athletes – Professional, Collegiate, Olympic, International

Any man with a desire to change lives while living to the glory of Jesus Christ!


Through my Website and Online Community, I Educate, Equip & Inspire my members to:

Revolutionize their personal walks with Jesus Christ, by going deeper in their study of God’s Word, drawing closer to God in Prayer and Worship, and living lives of surrender and obedience to God’s priorities and purposes.

Transform their marriages and relationships with their children, by more fully understanding God’s design and standards for husbands and fathers, and providing powerful tips and resources so they can maximize their greatest ministry.

Serve and lead within their local churches – whether in formal leadership roles, volunteering their time and resources to church ministries, or simply as active members of their congregations.

Embrace their places of business and work as important arenas for evangelism and discipleship.

Discover, develop and live out their personal ministries.

I provide INFORMATION, IDEAS, SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT to Christian men who are passionate about increasing their personal impact in every area of their lives and helping other men to do the same. I also provide practical Strategies, Training, Tips and Tools for my members on a regular basis.

Ready To Live Out God’s Greatest Purposes For Your Life?

Discover how you can Maximize Your Impact in your Home, Church, Work, and World, AND be part of something Truly Significant only God can do… Signup For Our Next Master Class!