Your Ministry to Your Wife and Children

Your Greatest Calling as a Man of Impact

Second only to your personal walk with Christ, your next highest calling is your discipleship ministry to your wife and children. Sharing the Gospel with and teaching others, serving at church or with other ministries, your work, and any other lifestyle pursuits should all be in addition to the strategic discipling of your family. Though not your only ministry calling, they are your first and most important place to start.

No amount of outside professional or ministry success will ultimately please God if you are not consistently investing in the spiritual development of your family. So dream big in other areas of your life – but make your biggest dream and purpose leading your wife and children into deep, meaningful relationships with their savior and creating a spiritually mature, Christ-centered family that God can use to change the world.

Throughout this website you’ll find links to the best articles, sermons, videos, and other resources I’ve found on discipleship for families. I’m always looking for new ways to empower your ministry to your family, so check back often – and feel free to contact me if there are other great resources you think I should share.   – Kent

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