Your Business or Work Life

One of Your Greatest Opportunities as a Man of Impact

If you are like most men, your job or business influences the quality of other areas of your life in significant ways:

  • It can be a great blessing that allows you to adequately provide for your family, or the reason you stay up at night wondering how to pay your bills.
  • It can give you plenty of time to invest in your wife and children, or be the reason your family never sees you.
  • It can be an effective platform for reaching the lost and discipling other believers, or an idol that takes you further away from God and His priorities for your life.

Running your business or working in your job as an act of worship and ministry isn’t always easy – but it’s an essential part of being a Man of Impact. So join us in making God the reason behind all of your work – and get ready to be amazed at what He will do!

Throughout this section you’ll find links to the best articles, sermons, videos, and other resources I’ve found on glorifying God through your work. I’m always looking for new ways to empower your impact through your job or business, so check back often. And feel free to contact me if there are any other great resources you think I should share.   – Kent

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